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Below are actual reviews we have received from past guests. We would love to hear about your experience. 
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"Spyglass Tours makes Oktoberfest easy! They did all the work and we had all the fun! It was so nice to have everything organized for us so that we could enjoy the week at our leisure. The subway pass for a week made getting around easy and we didn't have think about how to go about getting one. The hotel was clean and nice and very centrally located. We enjoyed meeting and spending time with rest of the tour group, and at the same time having the freedom to come and go as we pleased. It was a great experience and something that we can mark off our "Bucket List"!! Thank you so much for making it such a wonderful experience!!"

Linda F.

Spring, TX


"Michael, ivy, Thanks so much for arranging such a wonderful experience for me and my sons. Oktoberfest, Munich was on my "bucket list" and you both were so helpful with the planning and what to expect in Munich. It made the for a wonderful, easy, educational and most of all!!! fun time! One we'll always remember! I've already told several of my friends that if they want to go to Oktoberfest 2015, make sure to use Spyglass Tours!! Thanks Again!

Jim, Jimmy and Dave Duvall"


"Very worthwhile especially for 1st timers! Spyglass Tours staff are friendly, professional, responsive to inquiries before the trip and Michael's insight during the trip was most helpful. Great experience and met SUPER folks in the group! Danke, PROST!"

Ladonna & Paul M

Fort Worth, TX


"Spyglass offers just enough guidance and information without forcing the traveler to be "stuck" with a group tour. The information, hotel and tent reservation were convenient, priced well and made the trip easy to schedule. Doing this on my own would have been much more difficult and time consuming. Overall, my wife and I were very happy."

Joe F.

Chicago, IL


"Great job with the overall experience. I had a blast and the food was great. Visits between the beer tents was well spaced. We were able to meet couple and families from all over the country/Canada. Met new friends. The experience was everything I expected and MORE! Michael, the host, was outstanding. Prost!"

David D.

Haymarket, VA


"This was a fantastic experience. Michael and Ivy were extremely helpful. The hotel was awesome. And the Oktoberfest tents and experience were fabulous. Would definitely recommend Spyglass to others. Could not have asked for more!"


Mike B.


New Cumberland, PA




"My wife and I went on the Oktoberfest tour with Michael and Ivy for our 30th anniversary. We were in Munich back in 1985 near the end of our first and only other European trip. We could see Oktoberfest being set up from our hotel window, but we had to be back in London within two days and couldn't risk missing our flight home. Then and there we made ourselves a promise that someday we'd come back for Oktoberfest. Originally we tried to set up the trip on our own, but couldn't find available reservations. In my opinion, that turned out to be a blessing. The travel agency we ended up going through found Spyglass tours for us. Michael and Ivy of Spyglass were the perfect hosts and guides. If we had been able to reserve seats on our own we would have been more than a bit lost. So here follows what we gained by going with Spyglass: A great, well placed hotel right near the meeting place for the orientation tour and transit hubs. A 5 day transit pass that covered all the local forms of transportation. A complete tour of the Oktoberfest grounds, both completely around the perimeter, and inside. A verbal history of Oktoberfest with explanations of why there are no garbage cans, why there are Italian police, etc. Warnings of what is acceptable and not. These pointers were quite valuable for preventing unwanted situations that one might not foresee due to cultural and legal differences from our own country. Being part of a tour group for multiple days. If we'd been completely on our own, we'd have missed making the friends we did. Having reserved tables with the full spectrum of food to try. Having charismatic and friendly hosts like Michael and Ivy! My wife and I are looking forward to more travel in the future, and we will absolutely use Spyglass again."


John & Nan W.


Rainier, OR

"Although we weren't a member of the Spyglass Tours, we were more then happy to have met Michael and Ivy for two yrs in a row now. Even after many visits to Oktoberfest they showed us new and exciting things at as well the Wiesn as around. We are sure we're gonna meet them again as we are lucky to live near the Belgium beertour area as well the Oktoberfest area :-). So, thank you Michael and Ivy for a great time and we'll have a beer in the near future."
Debbie, Kim and Ben 
The Netherlands

"Spyglass tours ROCKS! We just did the Oktoberfest 2012 package. Great Hotel, Great Hosts, Great Beer. Soooo much fun! Mike and Ivy were terrific. HIGHLY recommend!"
Lori S.

"Spyglass tours created a fabulous Oktoberfest trip that had a good balance of "guided" and "on your own." The hotel in Munich was in a fabulous location and the hotel staff was pleasant and very, very helpful - despite our knowing virtually no German! Thanks, Mike and Ivy for a fantastic trip."
Nancy F.

"I had a wonderful time. Mike and Ivy were great hosts and were able to provide any assistance I needed. The tent reservations were out of this world. I wouldn't hesitate going on another trip with this group. Maybe Belgium ! Thanks again."
Dan D.

"Oktoberfest Opening Weekend was an absolute BLAST! Mike and Ivy provided my friend and I a well rounded, well organized tour with plenty of free time to do other things. The hotel was in a very centralized location, clean, updated and safe. My first time to Germany was fantastic and well worth the money and I am now considering the other Spyglass tours. Thanks Mike and Ivy."
Mike C.

“Although a bit belated – just wanted to say thanks, Mike and Ivy. We had a great time at Oktoberfest opening weekend. Great pictures. Both tents were fabulous. And the hotel was in a great location – step outside see the parade(s). So glad we found you and Spyglass – and will definitely recommend to friends – and hope to join you again. Prost!”
Natalka S.
New Jersey

"Spyglass is wonderful! We had tickets to THE BEST beer tent -- even native Germans were astounded we got into the "celebrity" beer tent. Michael and Ivy were great, and were very accessible. Our hotel was great for 3 days -- clean, fantastic breakfast and VERY centrally located. We went the opening weekend and loved seeing the opening... parade. HIGHLY recommend Spyglass."
Whitney S.
North Carolina

"My husband and I attended opening weekend 2010 for our Honeymoon. We had a spectacular time! Our hotel was directly on the opening parade route - we literally walked out of our hotel to horses lining the streets. It was great knowing someone was there to help you out especially since this was my husband's first time "across the pond". Beer tent reservations were fabulous as well. It was a wonderful experience and we will never forget it! We were only there for 3 days, but I would recommend a longer stay to anyone planning a trip, especially mid week when the crowds aren't so outrageous."
Sarah G.

"My wife and I had a fantastic time in Munich. We enjoyed the low key approach and the flexibility as we stayed in Munich for a week. Great food, great fun, and of course great beer! Michael and Ivy are fantastic. The hotel we were in was right next the U-Bahn and Tram, so travel was easy to everything. It was also close enough to walk to many sites and easy to get back to after you have had a few too many. We highly recommend Spyglass Tours and Events."
Robre S.

"Spyglass was awesome! They took care of the details so that we could just enjoy ourselves. I would totally use them again. I'm pretty sure I told them how awesome they were after a couple of litres at the Augustiner Keller Brau - and I meant every word of it!"
Lauren C.

"Spyglass tours was a great way to attend Oktoberfest.  Everything was taken care of for us, and was very well organized, so our experience was worry free.  The pre-tour brochure was very helpful.We stayed in the Munchner Kindl hotel and were very pleased.  It was very comfortable and clean, the woman running the hotel was exceptionally friendly and helpful, and the location was central to everything.  Would highly recommend Spyglass to anyone, and will definitely consider another tour in the future."
Joe and Barb K.

"The best vacation I have ever had! From Day 1 Spyglass had all of the little things taken care of for us, the hotel was awesome, the tent reservations were great, and we even got GREAT seats to a soccer match! I also loved that Michael knew us all by name whenever he saw us, that was the best personal touch."
Cedric B.
West Virginia

"We booked our 4 night Oktoberfest trip as part of our honeymoon and we couldn't be more pleased with the overall experience. We were looking for an organized trip where we didn't have to worry about the hotel or beer tent reservations but also have the freedom to tour Munich on our own. Spyglass Tours was the perfect option for us and we enjoyed meeting our guides. Our beer tent reservations were amazing and we met a lot of great people along the way... I recommend using Spyglass Tours to anyone. Reliable, safe, and fun!"
Kristen M.
New York 

"Had my 30th Birthday bash in Munich at Oktoberfest and decided to go with Spyglass. There was 14 of us. Accommodation and reservations=awesome. Had a great birthday. Thanks so much."
Gemma D.
Queensland, Australia

"My husband and I did the 10 day Oktoberfest, Amsterdam and Prague tour for our 1st year anniversary, and it was awesome! It gave you enough structure with planned walking tours of Prague and Amsterdam to a beer tent reservation at Oktoberfest but enough freedom where you could explore as you wish. Having Michael and Ivy around to help with transfers and to answer any questions made the entire process so easy! I look forward to using Spyglass Tours again!"
Elizabeth R.
North Carolina

"Dear Michael, it was also a pleasure to meet you and Ivy in Munich. I must say, I believe it was the time of my adult life. You two were really good at your job and carried yourselves very good. Amsterdam was grand. It seems we all kind of ended up doing our own thing, but still enjoyed at least the breakfasts together. Prague was really nice and culturally a little harder to familiarize with. However the scenery, the old statues, ancient buildings, and the original Budweiser was good enough for me."
John W.

"Dear Michael and Ivy, We enjoyed our tour with you... especially meeting and spending some time with you two. You took good care of us old folks. Mary and I wish you a very happy 2011, full of blessings."
David & Mary W.

"It's difficult to believe that it's been a month since our wonderful Oktoberfest experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Germany and continue to savor the memories. We had thought going in that what Spyglass advertised was exactly the kind of "Oktoberfest Tour" for which we were looking. You did not disappoint. Thank you for setting accurate expectations and fulfilling them."
Todd S.
New Jersey

“I really had an awesome time in Munich! I didn't expect to have that much time at Oktoberfest - it was super duper and I'd love to do that again. Thanks to you and Michael for arranging everything!”
Kim L.

“It doesn’t seem like a year has passed since we went to Octoberfest with Spyglass Tours. Looking at the pictures makes me wish i was there. Michael and Ivy did a great job. Everything was so well planned we did not have to worry about anything.”
Betty S.